All tours have the duration of a day, half a day or 2 hours.

Departures and arrivals at Marina de Tróia and Doca das Fontaínhas, in Setúbal, in Alcácer do Sal or Marina de Oeiras and Lisboa.

Prices do not include presently efective taxes.

Prices start from:

  • 1 DAY with lunch
    From: Adults 65€ | Children under 12 years old 45€
  • ½ DAY with welcome drink, fruits and appetizers
    From: Adults 40€ | Children under 12 years old 25€

Minimum of participants on board = 8 pax
For groups exclusivity full day, prices under consultation.
Additional activities, including sports, will be presented under previous consultation.
Prices described above depend on the chosen vessel.


  • Reservations must be made at least with two days in advance and are subject to availability.
  • Departures / Tours can be changed due to weather conditions.


Sesimbra and Cabo Espichel

A tour to Sesimbra, a village of fishermen and flavors, and / or Cabo Espichel, passing through Serra da Arrábida by its coast, living all the natural magnificence, unique in the region. Possible stop for swimming, lunch and contemplate.

More about Sesimbra | More about o Cabo Espichel

Going up River Sado until Alcácer do Sal with lunch on board and a visit to the white city

Invaded by the Arabs, where was built one of the strongest fortresses of the peninsula, and the capital of the Al-Kassar province during the Arabian rule, it was conquered by D. Afonso Henriques in 1158.
A rich tour in nature and history, in a travel through time, to one of the ancient European cities founded before 1000 A.C. by the Phoenicians.
Passing across the estuary, you can see villages, salt fields and a wide variety of marine beauties: flamingos, herons, black and white storks, black-winged stilt and sandpipers, among others.

More about Alcácer do Sal

Bay of Tróia, Califórnia Beach and “Fuzileiros” (marines)

Tour along the Peninsula of Tróia, with the possibility of watching bottlenose dolphins and swim in the beaches surrounded by the river and the sea.
Stopping in the Tróia Marina for a free walk and lunch and where its restaurants, bars and casino offer you many activities which complement the tour.

More about a Península de Tróia




  • Snorkling and/or Baptism Diving
  • Diving courses

Values ​​and detailed program after consultation.

Partnership: Portinho Divers

Fishing in Family

Do you want to learn to fish?
Do you want your children to also learn it?
Do you want your family and friends involved in this journey?
Fishing in Family is the option!

The recreational fishing as an excuse for a family or friends gathering… Young and old, everyone with a fishing rod in the hand, in fishing spots chosen in our River Sado or in the sea, without worrying about materials, assemblages, baits…, we take care of everything with with the support of Prof. Ernesto Lima (, who will guide you in your fishing action, passing his knowledge to the youngest and everyone who also wants to learn.

If you want to spend only one part of the day, we serve a snack to regain your strengths or a lunch, if you prefer to have the pleasure of a full day.

Those who are not interested in fishing can give support to the fishermen, sharing their joy, the tour and the meals on board. For a minimum of 8 people, with material and baits included.

Canoeing + Boat trip

Values ​​and detailed program after consultation.

Partnership: Clube de Canoagem de Setúbal and Evion in Alcácer do Sal

SUP - Stand Up Paddle + Boat trip

Arrábida (bays, beaches and cliffs): Figueirinha, always going along the coast to Alpertuche or further depending on the rhythm.
Caldeira, Marines and Soltroia River:
Cabeços e Baixios: Possibility of doing a small waves and fun guaranteed.
• Comporta e Carrasqueira (Pier stilts): Standby

Values and detailed program, after prior consultation.



Religious Festivities of Tróia - August

Religious Festivities of Nossa Senhora do Rosário de Tróia, between the 6th and 11th August, according to the tides. It is a festivity of the people of the sea; its first allusion goes back to 1758. However, only in the last years of the 19th century appears as a clear reference of the festivities as of fishermen, vocation which is still maintained nowadays (in Costa Azul," Festas, Feiras e Romarias - Percursos na Costa Azul").
Fishermen and their families celebrate life and its people in this traditional pilgrimage.
The festivities join the two banks of River Sado. Setúbal, where the fishing community comes from, who promotes the religious festivity, and Tróia (municipality of Grândola), where you can find a chapel that shelters the image of Senhora do Rosário de Tróia during this period.
It is in the Caldeira of Tróia, close to the sandpits that border the River Sado, where the revelers settle and camp during the festivities, according to the tradition.
Religious ceremonies, traditional games, dances and festivities are included in the program. It is also in the Caldeira’s sandpits, near the ruins of the ancient Cetóbriga, where, on Sunday morning, it is celebrated a solemn mass followed by a procession around the chapel. At night, you can watch the fireworks launched from the Caldeira.
Monday is the festivities’ peak with the procession by sea, when the best adorned boat will have the privilege to transport the image followed by all the other vessels, also adorned, crossing the River Sado in the opening and close of the festivities. These are unique moments of beauty and magic.


  • Sunday – Departure at night with dinner on board, to watch the fireworks in the middle of the river;
  • Monday – Tour, watching part of the procession and the boats’ blessing near the garden of Beira Mar. It will be served a “Moscatel de Honra.”

Night Procession in Alcácer

Every year, on the 29th June, there is a Pilgrimage and Procession in River Sado, a very important initiative for the fishing communities. It combines religiosity with the dynamics of the city.

On the 29th, we go up the river with the rising of the tide. Grilled meat, sardines and wine are offered you by the Commission of the Festivities. Watching the procession in the margin. Hotel room in a guest house or residential, as previously chosen.

On the 30th, we will go down the river with the lowering of the tide, with a lunch or snack service, depending on the tide.



Business Meetings

Meetings on board, in a cozy and relaxed environment, not even the dolphins will hear you.

Team Summer Days

Team building and informal gatherings, celebrating the Mother Nature and toasting to success.


WORKSHOP OF PIKING THE "LINGUEIRÃO"​ - followed by tasting a typical regional dish, clams rice in Carrasqueira, Tróia.

IN SEARCH OF GARUM (fish broth) STOLEN In the ruins of Tróia, entrance from the beach, via river. Canoeing CHALLENGE - Rio Sado

CHALLENGE OF GRAPES - Herdade da Barrosinha, Alcacer do Sal, entrance by the river.

​and much more... by briefing.



Sunrise, meditation with gongs and breakfast aboard

Everyone promotes sunsets, one of the magical hours of the day, but forget the magic of sunrise. Ever wondered to see the sun rise on board, getting the strength of its energy? Listening the sound of the waves in calm and serene waters and the birds that fly over there.
We'd like to be able to share this moment with you.

Gastronomic - Oysters & Wine Boat Trip

Oysters & Wine Boat Trip

birthday party from 8 to 80

From 8 to 80.

Theme parties to define, upon briefing

Pirates, Bachelor Parties, Wedding Proposals...