Traditional Boats

Traditional Boats

Tour in a peaceful environment, with bar available, music, restrooms and spaces to relax.
We democratize going to the water, encouraging the growth of maritime routes and connections.
The challenge is without a doubt unique and very rich in terms of landscapes, nature and experience on board.

NOTE: Possibility to have lunch, animation and activities on board.


Up to 35 pax + Crew

Year: 1994

1 WC


Up to 10 pax + Crew

Builder: Traineira

Model: Custom

Length: 9m

Year: 2014

1 Cabin

2 Beds

1 WC

Take a Tour on a Historical Boat

Possibility of on-board sound


The Setúbal’s Yacht, originally from Holland, appears in Portugal in the early 17th century. Cargo ship equipped with a new geometry of masts and sails can be the result of trade relations between the two countries.


Salt from Setúbal, which has the unique feature of whitening fish during the salting process, was a highly sought after product in northern European countries. Its role was therefore fundamental in the emergence of the Hiate de Setúbal on the Portuguese coasts.


To understand the importance of this type of vessel in our commercial navigation, it is enough to mention that in 1864 yachts represented more than 50% of ship tonnage tonnage of less than 100m3 of the Portuguese merchant fleet, with this percentage reaching 95% in the Port of Setúbal.


Fishing in a Trawler

This is a day that contemplates all kinds of recreational fishermen.



Departure from Doca Recreativa das Fontaínhas at 5h30 with destination to the high seas and return to 16h.

The Activity includes breakfast and lunch on board.



Here there is room for everyone in harmony, because that is what it is all about, a day well spent in harmony with the environment. This is also a true sharing challengebecause besides the sharing of experiences, lunch will be prepared by sharing the fish of all the participants.

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