Traditional Boats


Vessels very fast and agile that provide breathtaking moments in the water. Possibility of Music on board!
We democratize going to the water by fostering the growth of maritime routes and connections.

The challenge is without a doubt unique and very rich in terms of radical senses, landscapes, nature, and experience on board.


Up to 18 pax + Crew



Up to 18 pax + Crew

Bora Speed Program

Motorboat trips, for a maximum of 18 people and a minimum of 8, with a duration of 2h30 and with the following itinerary:

Departure: Fishermen's Dock in Setúbal

1º waypoint: Portinho da Arrábida (stop for a swim)

2º waypoint: Cabeços (stop for a swim)

Arrival: Fisherman's Dock

Duration: 2h30

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