Nautical Villages

Boat Trips, Soundhealing or even Jogos Sem Fronteiras, Sea Life Lovers has created, thinking of you, several nautical and beach activities to enjoy with friends or co-workers.

Nautical Villages

Boat Trips, Soundhealing or even Jogos Sem Fronteiras, Sea Life Lovers has created, thinking of you, several nautical and beach activities to enjoy with friends or co-workers.

Canoeing program

Enjoy the nature, the crystal clear water and the dolphins that may appear in the Sado with our Canoeing program.


The activity must be enjoyed in the morning, and we suggest the Challenge of Canoes in Caldeira de Tróia / Sado river. The program includes canoes; paddles; vests and instructors.

Stand Up Paddle

Glide across the water with the Stand Up Paddle. If your colleagues are always talking about this fun activity, why not set up a corporate challenge?

We suggest starting the adventure near the beach of Alpertuche / Arrábida. The program includes a Support Vessel and all necessary materials for the activity.

Ski, Wakeboard e Banana

If you like more radical water sports , we also have ski, wakeboard or banana at your disposal. 


Electric Nautical Sports

One of the novelties we have for you is the classic water sports in electric version! An exclusive Sea Life Lovers activity in Setúbal!


Book one morning, bring the team and try all the equipment alternately. Corporate fun days even more alternative and fun!


SUP Yoga

It’s a practice that connects balance and well-being, to relaxation and spirituality. The purpose of this practice is the connection with nature, relaxation and personal improvement. The activity consists of breathing and posture exercises performed on a board.


It’s one of the many special programs that we have thinking of you and your well-being. While listening to the sound of the sea waves and the gongs, you will , you will recharge the energy you need for your day-to-day life.

This activity can be practiced in group or individually.


It’s a balance sport where you walk on an elastic band that is stretched and fixed by two points. It allows you to walk and perform maneuvers on top, promoting the strengthening of coordination , balance and the development of concentration.


Your introduction to the underwater world. This entry-level program gives you the opportunity to experience the underwater world, in open water. You will receive the SSI Try Scuba or Try Scuba Diving recognition level.


The Marine Park Prof. Luiz Saldanha (Arrábida) has calm waters throughout the year and unique conditions that make this place one of the best diving spots in mainland Portugal. This diving challenge takes you to a small reef of rock and seaweed that shelters a great diversity of species.


Starting point: Creiro (Arrábida)
Duration: up to 3 hours
Distance: N/A
Difficulty: Low/Medium


Boat Trips

You can enjoy a boat trip around Tróia and beaches of Arrábida, with stops for swimming and chillout on the boat. We also provide Wines (white/rosé), Aperitifs, Dry Cakes, Strawberries, Grapes, Seasonal Fruit, Water and Juices so you can enjoy this experience in the best way.


The activity also includes transfer by boat from Setúbal to Arrábida beach.


Challenge your family, friends or co-workers to a Regatta Race. The activity includes two boats with 2 routes or challenges of 1h30m, with a total activity of 3 hours.

Climbing/ Rappelling

Try something new and challenge yourself to a climb. An initiation to climbing, perfect for those who are interested in this sport but don't feel prepared for an independent climbing course. Bring your friends or family and share these safe and beginner-friendly routes.


Natural rock climbing challenge of low level of difficulty, in the narrow corridors of Fenda, a “geomonument” of rare beauty on the southern slope of Serra da Arrábida, parallel to the beach line of Portinho da Arrábida, a true Mecca for climbing lovers. Free yourself from hesitations or fear of heights with a rappel descent from a wall of about 15m guided by the technical team throughout the session.



A different challengeRock climbing, swimming in the sea and jumping… lots of jumping into the water.

A place with the best conditions for Coasteering that transforms this coast into an eco-adventure park. A unique experience for those who want adventure and nature!

Enjoy nature in a whole new way on this unforgettable adventure experience, full of emotions. Feel the excitement, jump from the rocks into the sea and discover unique sensations that only Coasteering can provoke.

Jogos Sem Fronteiras

Were you a fan of Games Without Borders? How about increasing cooperation between your team members through some fun games?

The activity consists of groups of 25 people, working simultaneously in 4 stations, with an estimated time of 10 minutes for each station.

We suggest the following stations:

Station 1
– Obstacle race with your feet tied

Station 2
– Water transport race with your hands tied

Station 3
– Ski race + Tic-Tac-toe Game

Station 4
– Sand transport race

There is also a first ludic game, which consists of a quick and fun activity of about 15 minutes, whose main function is to cheer up and relax the group, helping people to feel comfortable.

Program Example: Arrábida Beach - Creiro or Caldeira de Tróia

The program includes activities in the water and experiences on the beach in which, during the morning, the activities village will also have drinks and snacks as well as a Spot/chillout area.

09:00 am - Boat ride/transfer between Setúbal, Tróia until Arrábida Beach

11:30 am - Beginning of activities on the beach in which groups/people rotate:

In the water:

• Wakeboard/Ski/Banana

• Canoeing

• Stand Up Paddle

On the sand/ground:

• Meditation and relaxation techniques

• Slackline

02:00 pm - End of activities and lunch at the Restaurant at Creiro

02:00 pm / 06:00 pm – DJ + JAM SESSION

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