Sea Life Lovers also has Humor ShowsDjs and Musicians available for Onboard Events or Private Parties.


Sea Life Lovers also has Humor ShowsDjs and Musicians available for Onboard Events or Private Parties.

Joana Lobo Anta

Joana explores the smooth jazz technique through the interpretation of Anglo Saxon pop rock themes, ranging from themes from the 20's to the present day.


A journey through themes by Tom WaitsLeonard CohenBob Marley merges with others by Nina Simone or Dusty Springfield in a warm and enveloping voice.

Life Streaming on Spot - The Love Boat with Eduardo Reis Torgal

n this digital era, livestreaming is necessary for creating events and sharing information, adapting content and brands to different and unusual places to connect different formats and above all with new methods.



Live Streaming on Spot was especially developed for companies that want to communicate innovatively (internally or externally) and event agencies that seek to foster creative initiatives.



Our multi-disciplinary content, design and technical team creates, designs and technically implements your online livestreaming, in any way and anywhere.



This project is developed by Sea Life Lovers in partnership with Visualsynk and the Project António x Brieftwice.


Miguel Lambertini - Humourist

More than 12 years experience in the corporate market and hundreds of performances in companies, such as Pfizer, LIDL, Delta Cafés, BPI, Santander, Novartis, or Microsoft.

Humor as a key tool for the success of your company's event, be it a conference, award ceremony or Christmas party.

Jorge Ai Jesus, Cristiano Reinaldo, João Baião, José Rodrigues dos Prantos, António Nostra or President Marcelfie Rebelo de Sousa presenting your event? Yes it is possible! The main public figures of our country - in puppet form - are ready to liven up your party with a lot of humor. Whether it's to present a moment at a gala, or to make a short video sketch with the focus or participation of company employees, the funniest puppets on Portuguese television are back! 

From the "10 Commandments of the Christmas Party" to the famous teleconference meetings, we create improvisation games and comedy sketches adapted to the universe of your company, which satirize the corporate day-to-day, with a lot of humor and a positive message! 



ONÜN is the artistic name of Portuguese musician and composer Nuno Pereira, multi-instrumentalist, sound explorer, sound designer and facilitator.


In 20 years of career there are many projects and collaborations, having passed through several stages. Driven by the interest in the intersection between music and other artistic expressions that led to several compositions for Dance, Cinema, Theater and various performances.


Nuno is passionate about instruments from around the world, inspired by World Music and Ethnic fusion.


In addition to playing several percussion instruments, he also plays bansuri, flutes, kora, kalimba, n'goni, guitar, saz, hand pan, harmonium, guimbri, among other ethnic instruments. He combines traditional instruments with electronics. The voice also emerges as a recurrent element in the field of sound exploration.


“He believes that music and the arts, tuned to the high frequencies of human sensitivity, play a fundamental role in the rise of consciousness.”


DJ Tó Patronilho - Disco Sound and 80s

Tó Patronilho was resident DJ of the mythical disco Seagull.
It is distinguished by its pop rock style and is a great party-entertainer, making even those with two left feet dance!

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