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Fresh and Cool News 2016 Edition

06 May 2016

Welcomo to the Glamorous....

Miami Vice Style

Where do you like to go?

Drink Mojitos in Tróia.

From Lisbon to Troia, an exciting journey aboard in our cigarrete.




Summer Transfers com Welcome Drink a bordo, by Sea Life Lovers. We want to welcome tourists via Tejo River and make a direct connection with Lisbon - Troia, to Sado, instead of going by land, democratizing the way to the water and encouraging the growth of routes and maritime lines, and may stay with the boat chosen during the days of stay. The experience will be a unique and very rich in terms of directions, cityscape, nature and experience on board. This route Lisbon - Tróia, will exit the Marina of direct Airport Expo, as in any other Marina line to Cascais and in return there will be the same possibility.



WORKSHOP OF PIKING THE "LINGUEIRÃO"​ - followed by tasting a typical regional dish, clams rice in Carrasqueira, Tróia.

IN SEARCH OF GARUM (fish broth) STOLEN In the ruins of Tróia, entrance from the beach, via river. Canoeing CHALLENGE - Rio Sado

CHALLENGE OF GRAPES - Herdade da Barrosinha, Alcacer do Sal, entrance by the river.

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Evasions - "The Sea Life Lovers boating company organizes exclusive picnics on deserted beaches tailored to customers' requests."

01 August 2018

The Sea Life Lovers nautical tourism company organizes exclusive picnics on deserted beaches tailored to customer requirements.

A deserted beach, the blue sea inviting you for a swim and an already assembled structure with food and drink for all participants.

It is in this scenario that the picnics organized by Sea Life Lovers, which operates in the area of Sesimbra, Arrábida and Península de Troia with a series of programs designed to measure.

"The picnics are assembled on pre-authorized deserted beaches, with exclusivity and privacy", explains Vanessa Lima, owner of the company created in 2014, and participants only have to worry about having a presence at the place and time of meeting previously agreed, in Lisbon, Setúbal or Troia.

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