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Setúbal, a riverside fishing town, is considered one of the most beautiful bays in the world, in Southwestern Europe.


It is rich by the region's wines, awarded worldwide, and by its gastronomy: oysters, fish, shellfish, cuttlefish, a gastronomic panoply of unforgettable flavors, bathed by the Sado River.


Sea Life Lovers is more than a Nautical Tourism company, it is a Nautical, Beach and Nature events agency, not only Private as well as Corporate or directed to Incentive Groups that visit us for leisure or professional purposes. Arrábida, Tróia, Sado River, Deserted Beaches, they are our playground.

Our Sea and Land Crew guarantees the creation, coordination and implementation of any initiative/eventIt is an appropriate and specifically targeted advertising campaign, previously described in a briefing.

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